Agnieszka Bochynska

Position: R&D Scientist at Coloplast
Warsaw University of Technology - M.Sc., Chemical and Process Engineering
University of Twente - Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials

Agnieszka is a Chemical and Process Engineer with a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials. She has 8+ years of multicultural professional experience from 3 European countries (Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland). Currently, Agnieszka works in Global R&D in Coloplast, where they develop medical devices for people with healthcare needs. What motivates her to come every day to work is that she contributes, with her work, to make life better for thousands of people every day. Agnieszka is passionate about combining science with engineering and the impact it has on our culture and our future.


Agnieszka’s motivation to be a mentor is twofold: She wants to develop her personal leadership skills, but most of all she would like to help students finding their motivation and their path, help to see opportunities and strategies on how to achieve their goals. She thinks that by sharing her story – with both successes and failures, changing countries of residence, and starting several times from the scratch – she can inspire and help young and talented engineers.