Alberto Troya Diaz

Position: Geotechnical Engineer at Ørsted
Aalborg University (AAU) - MSc Structural Engineering
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha - BSc Civil Engineering

Alberto is a highly motivated civil engineer with over 5 years of experience in offshore geotechnics. He has worked in a small size company, then a large danish consultancy and now in the world leader offshore wind developer, all in Denmark. After many years of high-quality consultancy inputs, Alberto has recently taken a role as lead engineer for his discipline for a project which have allowed him to realize the complexity of managing many different stakeholders. At the same time, Alberto is involved in many R&D activities having different roles ranging from technical expert to project manager.


Alberto didn’t have the opportunity of having a mentor when he was a student, and it motivates him that this can be inspiring for both the mentor and mentee to develop such a relationship to inspire and motivate others to realize their goals but also to boost his leadership skills.

Alberto is looking for a highly motivated student who is willing to spend some hours in thinking out of the box and want to become a highly skilled and bright engineer.