Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc

Position: Director, Training Solutions at Enthought
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - PhD Electrical Engineering

Since graduating from the Hearing Research department of DTU, Alexandre has moved the United States to work for Enthought. He taught programming and Python to scientists and engineers. In the last two years, he has been managing a multi-disciplinary team that helps transforms scientists and engineers by teaching them programming, automation, project management, and general “digital thinking”.


Alexandre is particularly interested in discussing the different paths available out of grad school. His dream job when finishing his Ph.D. was a position where he could teach, program, and work on a team. Alexandre thought the only option was to become a professor but he found out there were other opportunities. He is interested in working with people who have an interest in education and in solving technical problems. He is also interested in talking about leadership and management, which are not often topics discussed in grad school.