Anders Systad

Position: Entrepriseleder at MT Højgaard
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - B.Eng., Building Construction Technology
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - B.Sc., Business Administration and Commercial Law

Anders has 5+ years of experience with project management, and how methods, techniques and personal leadership plays into projects within the construction industry. Since he finished his education, Anders has been working with large-scale projects with a budget of 100 – 300 million kr. and has delivered great economic results in an industry that is usually under pressure. He has achieved this through his use of project management tools, negotiations as well as leadership on a personal level – creating motivation and cooperation within a project team. During his career, and next to his work as a project manager, Anders has also taught project management at DTU.


Anders wants to become a mentor because he himself gains from both helping others, but also seeing talent grow and help someone on the path to a good career. Anders also sees this as an opportunity for his own personal development, and he expects to learn from being part of this program as well. Anders would prefer at mentee who is ambitious. The person doesn’t necessarily have to know where he or she is going, but it is a must that you have the ambition and hope in that you one day become a leader.