Anja Solhauge

Position: Safety at Schneider Electric
Engineering College of Copenhagen - BSc Process and Production Engineering

Anja is passionate about developing people and LEAN continuous improvement. She leads changes in organizations through people involvement, process analysis, and systematic problem-solving techniques. Anja has 15+ years of project experience with flow- and process optimization and has given her precious knowledge on how to increase quality, reduce risk, and save time and costs. Anja’s current role in Schneider Electric is both being a Project Manager and a Culture Agent, who drives CO2 reduction initiatives and reinforces the focus on safety and environment in the organization. She proactively uses her structured mindset and enjoys implementing past learnings in new projects. It fascinates her how changes in paradigm can grow results, and she has worked intensively with this through coaching of managers and as part of change management in continuous improvement projects.


Anja would like to contribute to the development of a mentee. Anja could have used a mentor earlier in her carrier, who could ask the right questions to make her reflect and give support when needed. With several years of experience, and haven been on 3/4 year of GROW coaching education, this is the time. Anja would like a mentee who does not expect her to answer all the questions but expects her to raise the right questions to make him/her reflect and find his/her own way. She expects that her mentee to take ownership of his/her development, keep the agreements and show up. She is open to mentor all genders, but can see an advantage in passing on some of the knowledge she has from a “developing high performing women leaders” seminar to a woman.

Anja has children, so she knows about the challenges of work/life balance. It would be an advantage for Anja if the mentee is situated near to Borup Sj., (eg. Roskilde, Ringsted, Køge) as it will make it easier to meet physically than in Copenhagen, but it is not a requirement and Teams or another digital platform can be used.