Bettina Hartmann

Position: student / unemployed
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) - Msc Digital Innovation & Management
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Civil Engineering

Bettina graduated from DTU (Civil Engineering) in 1992. She has studied at the IT University, graduating with a Master of Science in Digital Innovation & Management in June 2020. Bettina has worked in many different industries, in private as well as public sector companies, as an internal as well as external consultant. What characterizes her is that she doesn’t believe in silo-thinking when it comes to job roles, and she has been a risk management consultant, an HR consultant, a project manager within IT and other stuff, a Lean and process consultant, worked with GDPR and IT security (ISO 27001 and ISO 29 134), etc.

Bettina is the same privately – she believes that broadening your horizon and using as many sides of yourself is the way to serve the world best, especially if you want to be in a position where you influence other people somehow. She is also a certified coach: , and her “business card” can be found here:


Bettina has been a student for the last two years, and she is looking forward to once again having time and surplus mental energy to support others. She feels like she has been in her own bubble for two years, trying to melt into student life and have spent all her time on this. Bettina has longed to do other stuff, and it will be nice to (also) concentrate on others.