Casper Agesen

Position: IT Administrator at Conaxess Trade Denmark A/S
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications

Casper has for as long as he can remember had an interest in technical things, in particular computers. He got his first in 1989 and while the software offers at that point of time were nothing to be excited about, it did spark an interest that has not dwindled since then. Later on, he discovered the possibilities of the PC platform where, theoretically speaking, only the size of your wallet is the limit. Making entertainment on the PC a way of living was not the way Casper wanted to go, so after having looked into options with an academic approach, he chose to enroll at DTU at their IT bachelor and upon completion of that, supply it with a master from the graduate studies in telecommunications.

Casper is now currently at Conaxess Trade, as an Information Technology Administrator.


Casper has always considered the teaching profession something that he would like to pursue at some point in time, although on a small scale and the mentor/mentee option is where this could start. Even though he has only been employed professionally for a little over 5 years, he has been at three different workplaces with various trials and tribulations for an IT engineer in a server and network administration environment you don’t really educate directly into. Casper would also like to share his do’s and dont’s as a technical perfectionist, in a work environment that seldom understand the depth or complexity of what you are doing, but will notice straight away if whatever it is you do does not work.