Cecilia Fernandez

Position: UX Designer at 3Shape
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc. in Design and Innovation

I have over 10 years of experience studying and implementing design solutions in several countries. Currently, I work as UX Designer at 3Shape, where I collaborate with cross-functional teams, building unique medical device products. I’m deeply passionate about creating loved and trusted products that connect technology and people.

Besides my full-time job, I also work as a Scientific Coordinator and Teacher with Talent Garden and KEA, where I support teachers and administrators in meeting identified goals in the education programs and advise students on technological strategies for digital projects.

If you catch me outside of work, I’m an adventurous traveler and dancing lover. I’ll either be in the dancing studio or looking for a flight to catch.


I want to improve my personal skills on mentoring, I’m currently teaching and usually coach in groups, so a 1:1 would make me be better into understanding details of each person. At the same time, as a non European with two scholarships that helped me conclude my degree I feel like I can share my story with others and inspire to become what they desire.