Christian Bjerre Nielsen

Position: Chief Product Officer at uQualio® - the video eLearning platform
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Electrical Engineering

Christian is an experienced leader, lifelong learner, strategic change agent, and development manager with international business experiences in many areas, such as EdTech, FinTech, ERP systems, agile development, process implementation, startup and business development, management consulting, and finance at an executive level, leading people and the development of products and processes. His experience includes working across organization and partners, ensuring better performance, and deliver results as part of corporate strategy implementations.


As a professional with many years in the business, Christian still looks back on the suggestions he received from senior engineers with years of experience. They helped him by asking questions and challenging his beliefs. Their experience was given to him in a very effective way that would have taken him years to learn by himself. Being in a position where Christian can help students similar to himself at an important point in their development, will be part of giving back to the professionals of the future. Having experience from large corporates and small startups enables him to see things from more than one angle – also in terms of future careers for STEM students.