Christian Uttenthal

Position: Senior Port Engineer at NIRAS
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Construction Engineering

Christian has 15+ years of experience as a civil engineer in Denmark and abroad. He is married and has children. Currently, he works for a danish consultant company within the fields of port and maritime, geotechnics and coastal engineering. He has specialised in conditions surveys, including diving, maintenance and repair, and supervision & project management. Christian has worked in more than 10 different countries across multiple continents, lived in both Ghana and Togo in West Africa, with his family, overseeing port expansion projects. He has, through his work and his international family connections, acquired a fairly large global network.


Christian hopes to be able to be of assistance and hopefully open doors for someone to propel their career forward. He would like to be able to guide a mentee in the right direction for him/her, so they can steer their career path towards something meaningful for him/her. Hopefully, he can provide feedback and guidance for whatever thoughts and questions the mentee might have.