Claudio Erikstrøm

Position: Senior Production Manager at AJ Vaccines
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Microbiology

Claudio has 15+ years of experience within the pharma and food industry, in different operational and strategical roles. His career has revolved around the management of people, from small teams to big departments – quite often during huge transformations. As an example, Claudio was a part of Statens Serum Institut’s transformation into a private company. His focus is on people management – motivation and development.


Claudio wish he had a mentor when he was a student – a person to whom he could have asked questions and trusted in, but also one that could have challenged him in his decisions. Therefore he wants to help a student by sharing his story – with both successes and failures, including what he wished he had done instead. Claudio prefer a mentee that is proactive, curious, and at least has some ideas in what direction the path of the career should go and why.