David Bould

Position: Lead R&D Specialist at Ørsted
The University of Edinburgh - M.Sc., Sustainable Energy Systems
The University of Edinburgh - B.Sc., Computer Science and Management Science

David has 12+ years of experience in the energy sector. He began his career working with offshore in oil and gas exploration, where he led a team of data processing geophysicists in seismic survey campaigns. After 7 years working offshore, David returned to the University of Edinburgh and gained an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Systems from the School of Engineering. Since then, he has worked in the offshore wind, wave and tidal energy sector with a focus on engineering management, policy, economics, and stakeholder engagement. Currently, David is a Lead R&D Specialist for Ørsted, where he is responsible for integrating university engagements into their offshore R&D strategy.


A large part of David’s current role is working with universities to ensure that Ørsted has access to a pipeline of exceptional young talent as the company continues to grow at a massive rate. David has led a varied career with significant changes of direction and periods spent abroad, and he hopes this will allow him to provide valuable advice regarding the great variety of career paths that are available. David would particularly like to be a mentor to an ambitious student who isn’t afraid to consider big decisions and changes at an early stage.