Diana Iacoboae

Position: Product Owner (Senior Business Analyst) at Ørsted
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) - MSc Computer Software Engineering

Diana has 4+ years of experience in software development, in startups and medium-sized companies. Mainly as a consultant, she took different roles along the way which has provided her with a comprehensive perspective on the product delivery process, as well as the different challenges at each step. Her projects ranged from working with COTS, and then customizing them to fit a client, to building an application from scratch using different services. She usually collaborates with system architects, UX’ers, developers, testers and stakeholders from the business. Diana’s main focus is sitting between a customer and the development team to release the required system and deliver business value.


Moving to Denmark was quite a challenge for Diana, one that she overcame by making use of a mentorship programme. Now she would like to return this favor to someone who needs it most and make a difference in their path. She would like to try the other side of the table as she see it as a learning experience for herself as well.  Diana’s mentee would be someone ambitious, but caring and fair in their approach. Maybe someone who is interested in a similar career path, for example going from a specialist to a generalist (not necessary).