Erik Schou

Position: Senior Commercial Advisor at Maersk Drilling
Aalborg University (AAU) - Basic Science & Technology

Erik has 40+ years of experience within the Maersk Group, in many different areas in a number of different roles. Among some of them are international commercial management and business development within offshore & gas drilling, negotiating and administrating construction contracts for tankers, bulk carriers, offshore supply vessels and drilling rigs, commercial activities for different areas, investments and projects and many more. During his career, Erik has held many management and leadership positions and is used to a career working in an international environment in different parts of the world. Erik’s role has always been in the commercial and business side, but with a very close co-ordination with other specialists including technical experts of every discipline. Erik has thus been the lead in projects starting from idea conception, business case and finally delivery and start-up of large modern offshore drilling units. At the end of 2019 Erik has retired from Maersk and he is now engaging in various projects and a consultancy basis.


Erik would like to pass on some of his learnings and experiences through professional life. Help someone to steer around some of the pitfalls, and maintain focus on what is important. And on that note help to find out what IS important.