Frans Ravn

Position: Technical Manager at ChemoMetec A/S
Aarhus Universitet (AU) - BSc Electronic Engineer

Frans is an engineer with an exceptional understanding of all the properties that create the successful finish in R&D projects with electronics, optics, software, chemistry, mechanics, statistics, production, marketing and finally sell-ability. He is one of three Founders of ChemoMetec A/S, where he currently works as a technical manager. ChemoMetec A/S is a worldwide leading manufacturer in the areas of cell counting and analysis. Some of Frans’ specialties include an understanding of the combination of optics, electronics, mechanics for the development of analytical instruments. At ChemoMetec he holds several patents. Frans has expanded his knowledge by taken photonics courses at master level at DTU Lundtofte. In addition Frans has a strong network within the photonics business area.


Frans finds it important to give positive values back to our society, which has taken care of him and his possibilities for having a fantastic career as an Electronic Engineer with many interesting projects with instruments technology and applied photonics. He hopes to find a mentee that he can motivate to find goals and strive to pass them with both technical but personnel gain and comfort.