Georgi Yankov

Position: Producer, manager and owner at SG multimedia
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Telecommunications
Technical University, Sofia - B.Sc.

I am an entrepreneur and the owner of SG multimedia. I have worked in different fields of multimedia and engineering for the last 15 years – from music production and sound engineering through electronics and hardware production, consultancy and engineering to filmmaking and photography. It is in my veins to make new things, take precisely calculated risks and make things happen. I have an expertise in the aforementined fields and the experience of establishing, growing and streamlining a company in the fields of hardware products and multimedia.


Through the years I have accumulated a great amount of know-how about how to make and grow a company. I want to utilise it by getting in touch with startups in similar areas of my expertise so we can create something good together. I have been involved in the entrepreneurship community in Denmark for more than 10 years and I have established a strong network. I am driving my own company which also serves as an example and I have recently left another company which I have co-founded. So I have the knowledge on how to start, develop and eventually leave a company. I would be very excited to get into new adventures.