Henrik Bjørnstrup

Position: Chief Consultant at Rigspolitiet / Bjørnstrup partnets
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Mechanical Engineering
Asisco - Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

Henrik has 25+ years of experience from both private and public sectors and has furthermore been part of projects in Asia and Eastern Europe. Besides his background as an engineer, he has an education in organizational psychology, and this, combined with his technical background in mechanical engineering, is a great interest of his and can be seen in his career path as a consultant. Finally, Henrik has had his own company for almost 20 years and knows what this requires.


Henrik is a curious person, which is also why he is interested in being a mentor for a student. He believes that a mentoring relationship works best when the mentee is willing to be challenged in the dilemmas that life might bring, personally and professionally.