Jacob Mac Rygaard

Position: Konsulent/Afdelingsleder at Kirkholm Maskiningeniører A/S
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics

Jacob has 7+ years of experience within mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, simulations and project management. At the moment, his career is in a transition toward leadership and management. Based on his passion for product development, he makes better products and processes, in all phases of product development, also within organization strategies, management and leadership. In Jacob’s current position as a consultant, he gains knowledge from a broad range of industries.


Jacob’s big motivation is to inspire, help, and motivate other people. As a mentor, he gets a unique opportunity to do this, and at the same time take social responsibility. As a part of Conflux, he can be a better leader in the future and, the mentee will have the opportunity to become a better student and future employee. Jacob also hopes a mentee will help him to see things in a new perspective, and thereby inspire and help him.