Jakob Bramaholm Hager

Position: Audio Lead Engineer at GN Audio Jabra
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Acoustics, Signal Procsessing

I have broad work experience in product development from working in the medico and electronics companies for more than 15 years. As an Audio and Electronics engineer my field of work has been centered around product development in the hearing aid industry and the headset industry. I have been involved in every step of the development phases, from idea to final product launch.
In my daily work I spend time both performing tasks that require very high level of specialist knowledge while at the same time coordinating between various competence groups and stakeholders, ensuring overall progress of the project.
From my study time I have experience from both DTU and studying abroad, giving an international perspective to my education, that I benefit from in my work amongst colleagues from all over the world.


Introducing the engineering world to a student helps be get a broader perspective to myself. At the same time helping some graduate to get some insights is only a benefit. Being available for ambitious students that wants to learn and share my experiences will help others to avoid some of the pitfalls I have encountered.