Jan Krogh

Position: Senior Data Engineer at Ørsted
Aalborg University (AAU) - M.Sc. Software Engineering

Jan has 20+ years of experience in software development in larger companies such as Rambøll, NNIT, KMD, working with different industries such as energy, pharma, and the public sector. He has spent recent years specializing in data engineering/analysis at Ørsted, working on wind farm data in a hybrid on-prem/cloud scenario. In the last half part of his career, he has been working solely in an agile process (agilemanifesto.org). As a supporting role to his current work, he is also scrum master/agile coach. Through his work, Jan has been presented to a variety of different projects, spanning from compliance and regulatory projects to optimization, simplification and improvement projects. The work has been very diverse with a focus on both business and IT – often combining and bridging the two.


Jan wants to become a mentor to share his experience and get feedback on coaching in the process. In general, Jan has held technical roles, but he has very much picked up on (servant) leadership and has worked together with a LOT of people, providing him with a great foundation for career sparring. He wants to use this to help a student in this program.