Kaleem Hayat

Position: Freelance Consultant at Hayat Consuting ApS
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - BSc IT and Electronics
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - BSc Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Kaleem has worked with IT and as a developer from his earlier career, and has had a passion for being up to date with the technologies used in IT systems. Therefore, during his career from developer to development manager, and now as a freelance consultant, he has always prioritized to understand the technologies underneath the management of projects and departments. Kaleem understands people he is working closely with and motivate them to deliver their best every day. He tries his best to see things from different angles, and not only one, to make the best decisions.


Kaleem wants to help others and let them know the failures and learnings he has had, so they can learn from those. He wants to share his learnings and how to overcome hurdles and navigate in organisations. Kaleem can give advice to specific cases the mentees come up with during the sessions and help the mentees by showing the different paths of careers that exist, as well as how to get into specific positions.
Kaleem’s learning from the mentees will be to understanding the new generation that will dominate the workforce in the coming years, and how they prefer to work – that will be the future workplaces in the next coming years.