Kenneth C. Kleissl

Position: Specialist at COWI
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - Graduate Diploma (HD), Business Adm. and Innovation Management
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Ph.D. Aerodynamic Control of Bridge Cables
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Structural Engineering

Kenneth has 10+ years of experience in both academia and the construction industry. First as a structural engineer and now, he is currently working as Data Scientist and Python Developer within the same industry at COWI. During his time at COWI, Kenneth has worked with a high technical level on some of the most prestigious bridge projects in the world, in roles such as technical lead/specialist, go-to expert, guideline author and technical network leader, responsible for internal knowledge sharing and tool development. Kenneth has contributed to COWI’s digital transformation by leading the internal Python training and a coding environment, developing a larger holistic open-source GUI design tool and developer of a series of scripts and tools for data management, data extraction, QA process automation, design optimization, and BI Analytics. Some of his work has resulted in a Young Fellowship Award and two European Patents now in production.


Kenneth wants to become a mentor because he loves giving back, and he is open to sharing both his successes and failures throughout his career. Kenneth himself spend quite some time figuring out his own true calling, so he will be able to advise on how to figure out the right career path. He has also felt the physical effects of stress, having a family and a full-time job, and is therefore also able to shed some light on maintaining the right work-life-balance during your career. As a Ph.D., Kenneth has worked as a specialist and leading a technical network, on the path towards a technical director position, before he realized he cares more for pushing on the digital agenda and is now working as a generalist in a completely different field than where he started.