Kim Fynbo Nielsen

Position: Direktør at Dansk Natursten A/S / Sten & Grus Prøvestenen A/S
Haslev Teknikum - BSc Civil and Structural Engineering
Niels Brock - Merkonom, Marketing

Kim is a civil engineer with more than 25+ years of management experience in the construction business. He has supplemented this role with a “mini MBA”. As a leader, he is characterized by being result-orientated, motivational and an expert in putting together the “correct team” for the particular task to create value for his company without compromising quality and human values. As a person, Kim is open and honest – “what you see is what you get”. He creates motivation for his co-workers by coaching and being visible, where he collect “the teams” competences and leads the process to the goal. During his professional life, Kim has lead up to 200 coworkers, worked with sales within B2B in the Scandinavian market, been responsible for purchasing for up to 850M DKK, change management, and much more.


Kim has just changed his job, so he has extra time to help a student by sharing his experience – and at the same time, he can develop himself.
He has been working in different boards during the last 10 years, and he really learned a lot about himself and new business by doing this.
So he is sure that, for him, being a mentor will be a win-win situation.