Kim Petersen

Position: Head of Automation at DSB
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Innovation, Production and Management

Kim has 9+ years of experience working for both private and public sector and sitting on both sides of the table in the IT industry, currently as a Team Lead at DSB, and before that, as a service manager at NNIT. He has a good understanding of how collaboration between people, companies, and cultures work together, and he uses his constant growing network to facilitate the right people and processes to ensure the most beneficiary outcome of a relationship and task. In his work, Kim makes sure to look at the whole process and takes all stakeholders into account and tries to anticipate the desired outcome, follow up questions, and obstacles.


Everyone needs someone to spare with. Someone to play ball with, in a safe space. Kim enjoys challenge, help and guide a fellow future colleague to make the most of their time and ambition. He had both good and bad times during his time at DTU and on his following career track, and this could be good to learn from.