Kristian Ohrt Dam-Jensen

Position: Senior Software Engineer at Danske Bank
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Digital Media Engineering

Kristian is a graduated software engineer from DTU with several years of experience building solid and reliable services & APIs, with a particular focus on the platform-agnostic approach, and a DevOps mentality. He is currently working within the financial industry, and during his studies, he has worked at multiple companies to built up experience besides his studies. Kristian is experienced in C# and .Net.


Kristian wants to give back to DTU by helping a student with the experience he gathered during his years, and the years after graduating. He personally didn’t have an opportunity to have a mentor, but had many other opportunities that helped him, and hopefully, someone else can benefit from that.
At the same time, being a mentor is also a chance for Kristian to apply and develop some non-technical skills in a different setting, that he may be able to develop from himself.