Kristin Kaltenhauser

Position: Model Engineer at Ørsted
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) - MSc Software Development
Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) - Intercultural Communication

Kristin has a double background; a Master’s in Intercultural Communication and a Master’s in Software Development from ITU. She has worked in Germany and Geneva before coming to Denmark to enter the IT sector. Currently, she is employed at Ørsted as an IT Graduate and will finish this program in August 2020. Afterwards, she will start as a Model Engineer in the Advanced Analytics Team at Ørsted.

Kristin is interested in the intersection of humans and technology and looking for new projects, ideas, and other opportunities where she can apply her skills in programming, software engineering and communication.


Kristin wants to share her experience with a student that could benefit from it. She knows how it is to have many questions when being a student and she thinks she could help out with that. And of course, she is also looking forward to getting some insights into student life and topics “nowadays”.