Lars Rasmussen

Position: CEO at Jupiter Bach
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Electronic Engineering
INSEAD - Executive Board Management
Richard Ivey School of Business - MBA, General Management

Lars has worked with, and for, many major players in industrial machinery markets, and mostly in Asia, where he spent 18 years running businesses in various countries, including Korea, Japan and China. Lars has an engineering background within sound knowledge of the global High Tech market places, as well as an MBA, and combines this knowledge in his position as CEO for Jupiter Bach.



Lars has previously been a mentor through programs in some of the companies he had worked for and always found it valuable to both mentor and mentee, irrespective of interests and challenges facing the individual, be that listening, providing advice, or opening doors or networks of interest.

He would also like to share his experiences and get a better understanding of the challenges and interests of engineers coming into the job market.