Lasse Hylleberg Mølleskov

Position: Project Manager at ProInvent
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Design & Innovation

Lasse has 5+ years of experience in the industry. He is 32 years old and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer in the medical device industry. He lives in Nørrebro in Copenhagen and spends his spare time playing video games, board games, music, doing various sorts of exercise and enjoys socializing with friends. Lasse describes himself as curious by nature and always aspiring to learn new competencies and develop his set of skills within engineering, product development and project management. His main focus in an engineering setting is to conduct structured and systematic product development, with tools from a robust design, six sigma and prototyping for X. Lasse has been a supervisor for several master thesis students during the past years.


Lasse wants to be a mentor because he thinks this it’s a great opportunity to learn from some bright young students and hopefully help them, the same way as he has been helped himself during his studies. He is able to help with trying to figure out what to focus on during your studies and how to navigate when entering the industry.