Lau Borch

Position: Senior Consultant at CPC - Center for Product Customization
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Design and Innovation

Lau has 6+ years of experience as an engineer, working as a management consultant and advising companies on product architecture in IT. In his current job, he advises large manufacturing companies on product architecture by analyzing the market, product, and production. During his time as a management consultant at the consulting company, PA Consulting Group, he was leading IT and app development projects in the financial sector. Besides this, Lau also has interests and competences within data analysis, logistic modeling, and C# programming.


Lau has been a mentee as part of the IDA mentor program, and he wants to explore the toolbox he has learned and pass on his experience. Lau is looking for an ambitious, dedicated and intelligent mentee; background and field of study are of less importance to him.