Ledian Selimaj

Position: Business Analyst at Maersk Drilling
Heriot-Watt University - Petroleum Engineering
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - B.Eng., IT Engineering

Ledian has 8+ years of experience within Business Intelligence, with an engineering background in IT, petroleum engineering and significant training and experience in finance and economics in multinational big corporations. He has experience from both the oil and gas industry and in the banking sector within the financial crime area. Ledian’s exposure has mainly been in data analytics, databases (relational & Hadoop), visualization and data modeling (mainly in QlikView and PowerBI/PowerQuery, but also SQL & Oracle), including machine learning and big data (using Hadoop and R). Next to his corporate experience in different industries, Ledian also has experience with a start-up abroad and has studied in different countries, giving him professional foothold both nationally and internationally.


Ledian wants to become a mentor to share his own personal experiences with students and help them find a relevant career path, as well as study topics of their interest that would ultimately help with their career.