Lena Printz

Position: QA Scientist at AGC Biologics
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Biotechnolgy

Lena has 7+ years of experience within the medicinal industry within three different companies; Biogen, Novo Nordisk and now AGC Biologics. Her career revolves around quality assurances. She started as an operator and moved over to document compliance work, and hereafter obtained a position in QA on validation projects. After that, she landed in her current role as a QA scientist, where she performs qualifications on equipment used to produce medicine.


Lena just really love to teach, but she wants to be better, so Conflux would be a chance for her to develop her training skills. She loves to meet new people and if someone could benefits of her story to help them move from being a student into a job, she would be glad.