Leticia Torres

Position: Diagnostics Data Scientist at Ørsted
Imperial College London - M.Sc., Applied Mathematics
University of San Francisco - B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science

Leticia has 3+ years of experience in data science. She has a background in applied mathematics and computer science and currently works as a data scientist at Ørsted. In her work, she builds condition-based algorithms to predict when their offshore wind turbines are going to fail in order to optimize daily operations. Leticia has an international upbringing and has lived in 9 different countries, and she is driven by a great work environment with diversity in the workplace.


Leticia wants to become a mentor to help students in their transition to professional life and share their own experiences of studying and working abroad and succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated field. Leticia would prefer a mentee that has ambition and drive, such that she has a better understanding of where he or she wants to go and how she can help in the best way.