Lynge Carlshollt Christiansen

Position: Chefkonsulent/Senior Adviser at Lægemiddelstyrelsen
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Chemical Engineering

Lynge has a great insight into IT on European level regarding drug collaboration, as he has a large network across other European nations that he often uses in his job. Moreover, he is currently – together with his great colleagues – preparing Lægemiddelstyrrelsen to join multi-sourcing and use new ways in supply management.

Lynge has worked within supply, negotiations, project management, rhetorics, and communications, amongst many things. He is educated from DTU and has a Ph.D. from Landbohøjskolen – furthermore, he has knowledge within licences.


Lynge wants to get closer to how students or young people with little work experience perceive their future working life. That will be very valuable to understand and shape the necessary changes we need to undertake to make organizations attractive to a new and talented generation. Personally he likes being a mentor, to share his experience, help students find their own footing, and gain new perspectives – and a wider network.
In mentees, he usually looks for curiosity and drive, and most importantly, the willingness to share. Their exact area of expertise is less important to him.