Maciej Kaniecki

Position: Senior Electronics Specialist at Astri Polska
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Space Technology

Maciej is a systems engineer working in the Space technology sector. He has a Master’s degree in Space Technology from DTU, where he worked at Mærsk during his studies. Including a graduate program from the European Space Agency, he has about 5 years of experience in working for the industry. Being a systems engineer means not focusing in detail on any particular aspect of the project, but working closely with specialists and managing the overall technical design and ensuring delivery to the customer.


Maciej thinks he has a good mindset to understand other people and help them to focus on their career. Ultimately, it is students’ choice on where to go upon graduation, but he would like to help anyone to make the right choice already during the studies. Maciej believes this makes the process of choosing the right courses much more efficient. It is also a good opportunity for him to try himself in such a role, and he is hoping to benefit from it as much as anyone who would trust him to be their mentor. Maciej promises to take a mentor/mentee relationship very seriously.