Mads Esholdt Wiemann

Position: Data scientist consultant at Knowit
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - BSc Mathematics, multivariate statistics, image analysis
Technische Universität München - MSc Biomedical Computing

Mads has always been interested in mathematics and statistics, and therefore early on decided to pursuit a Master of Science in Engineering. He took the Bachelor in Informatics at DTU from where he focused on data science and image analysis. In order to push his own capabilities within these fields, he decided to take the Master’s Degree from the Technische Universität München.

For the last 5 years, Mads has worked within the field of data science, and data management. From that, he has gained a broad knowledge of the whole information value chain from data management, and data integration to data visualization and data science. As a person he is very structured, analytical and passionate. These qualities have helped him being good at learning new tools, concepts, and use them in practice.

Mads’ deep technical knowledge within mathematical-, statistical modelling, predictive analytics, and computing combined with knowledge of the entire information value chain helps him understand the business issues and problems to be solved from a broader perspective.


First and foremost Mads wants to become a mentor because he finds it highly rewarding giving something back to the university community, and hopefully make a slight difference in someone’s life. He feels he has an interesting story to tell and at the same time see it as an opportunity to reflect on his own development.

On a personal level he sees it as an opportunity to develop his leadership skills and motivational skills. It is always important to learn and improve yourself and being able to become a mentor gives both parties a good platform for getting some new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Mads prefers helping a mentee who is highly motivated and engaging.