Maria Deslauriers

Position: Business Development Manager at Almac
Concordia University - BSc Biochemistry
Université de Montréal - MSc Biochemistry

Maria has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from DTU. She has 5+ years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry – both in Denmark and abroad. She has experience both from R&D and business. She currently work as a business development manager for a CDMO, where she works with a broad range of clients from startups to multinational companies, focusing in manufacturing of drugs for clinical trials. In her current role she works in the intersection of business and science, working closely with a range of stakeholders.


Maria enjoys meeting new people and hopes to have good discussions with a student to help them discover interesting career paths. She is sure she will learn a lot too. Maria has a broad international background, and took an alternative career path. She hopes to share some new ideas with students, they might not get from their university.