Marina Ejlertsen

Position: Strategic Advisor at Virsabi
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Design and Innovation

Marina creates outstanding products and services through user-centered design processes. She holds a background in engineering within product design and management focused on usability and technology adoption. Her work experience covers strategic product/service design and management consulting, and she has worked with product design focused on concept creation and UX in the role as project manager and facilitator of design processes. Marina has further worked with the optimization of workflow and production processes by the use of digital technologies including Virtual, Augmented og Mixed Reality (VR, AR and MR). Besides this, Marina has been highly involved with startup companies, covering various roles from design of products and services to strategic business development.


Marina has had great experiences from having her own mentors, both during her time as a student at DTU, as well as during her shift between work experiences. Having a mentor enabled her to have a trusted partner to share thoughts and considerations with, as well as being inspired and help with networking.

Marina wants to become a mentor because she wants to help and inspire students. She has had some great personal insights from networking, changing jobs and defining her own professional profile in the intersection between design and engineering – as well as the importance of personal growth and managing work/life balance.