Mariona Bertran

Position: Process Systems Engineer at Novo Nordisk
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Ph.D. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Mariona has a background in Process Systems Engineering and her main interests and daily tasks lie in the interface between engineering and business functions. She has 5+ years experience in developing and applying systematic methods and tools to simulate, design and optimize production processes. In her current position at Novo Nordisk, she uses production planning & scheduling to guide process development, support investment decisions and design new production facilities.

Mariona grew up in Spain and has studied/worked in Denmark since 2012. She obtained a double masters degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from DTU/UPC and a PhD in the same subject from DTU. Prior to her job at Novo Nordisk, she worked as consultant at Haper & Vedel, helping large organizations in Denmark build new production facilities and improve existing processes.


Mariona wants to be part of the development of talented students and help them experience the benefits of mentoring, since great mentors have greatly pushed her own career development. She is also looking to get inspired by ambitious talent and keep up with the trends in engineering education.