Martin Lundberg-Jensen

Position: Partner & Lead Consultant at Ampleo
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Applied Mathematics and Software

Martin is a Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant with many years of experience. He is dedicated to helping companies achieve good solutions that add values and allows employees to spend their time the way they want to, to improve efficiency and flexibility. In his work, Martin takes on many roles, such as architect, project manager, developer, integration specialist, and organizational coordinator, meaning he has a wide range of different skills within IT. Before his current position, he has also held positions in companies such as Netcompany, Delegate, IBM, and more.


Martin would like to help students and new graduates with advice on and experiences from his career. At the same time, he would like to learn about the newest trends and priorities from this group, which will be helpful as an employer. Growing his network among students and graduates will also help in this regard. Martin can help mentees about career choices and entrepreneurship as well as personal and professional development.