Martin Mathiasen

Position: Deep Tech Product & Customer Success Lead at Abzu
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering and Management

Martin has a deep interest in translating data, technologies, and machine learning into working solutions solving actual problems. For the past ten years, he has created data-driven solutions in large corporations mainly within the pharma supply chain and production, built and led data science teams and projects, and advised leadership on how to successfully become data- and analytics-driven. Currently, he is taking on the role of Deep Tech Product and Customer Lead in an early startup, pushing a new AI-framework to the market.


For many years, Martin has been lucking having good mentors. He knows the importance of having someone with experience giving guides and providing perspective – especially doing studies and starting the career. Martin would love to give what he has received back and obviously meet bright minds that can help him get perspective on what goes on in academia.