Matej Simurda

Position: Numerical Specialist at Ørsted
University of Southern Denmark (SDU) - M.Sc., Mathematical Modelling

Matej has 7+ years of experience as an engineer / scientific programmer within acoustics, numerical methods, computational modeling and tool development. He has worked within these fields both through his Ph.D. research (done in collaboration with Siemens), as well as directly in the industry. He is today using his specialist knowledge gained from his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical Modelling as a Numerical Specialist at Ørsted, where he has become the leader of the noise modeling team.


While aimed to always stay in a specialist role, Matej’s daily tasks encompass more and more interaction with important stakeholders, external consultants, and government regulatory representatives. He is continuously developing his leadership/management skills, however, would be honored to share his lessons learned with bright, young mentee who might end up in similar situation: Maintaining his/her specialist role & competences while from time to time get out of the comfort zone, put a ‘generalist hat’ on, take responsibility and start making more risk-based rather than certainty based decisions.