Michael Caspersen

Position: Manager at KPMG Denmark
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - P.hD., Hydrogen Technology
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Process and Material Technology

Michael is an experienced professional from the intersection of energy technology, digitalisation and infrastructure landscape. In his work, he combines technical know-how and applying a holistic view of established and trending energy technologies (production, conversion & storage), helping organisations explore possibilities in wind, solar, batteries, biogas and, not least, hydrogen to build the bankable business case.

Besides this, he is a digital asset management specialist: For asset-intensive organizations looking to digitalize and optimize performance and (re)investment profiles, he helps set the strategic direction for becoming a data-driven organisation working towards best practice, based on internationally recognized frameworks, incl. ISO55000.


Having had a mentor himself from his time in Siemens, Michael found it to be valuable to discuss his profile and get some of those insights that can only get from someone more experienced. If he can inspire/help a student in any way and ‘give back’, that would make him happy (:
Also, it is interesting to see what is at the forefront now some years after his own graduation. For the best match, Michael believes a profile that has an interest in both the technical and commercial/business side of things, is the best match.