Michael Pontoppidan

Position: Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Michael has 23+ years of experience as a Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft R&D in Denmark building the next generation of Microsoft’s ERP suite. His projects involve making AX extensible and compatible – enabling all customers on latest version, leading a team building Inventory and Warehouse functionality in AX, and architects solution. Besides this, Michael has also co-authored four technical books and blogged on technical sites for a decade.


Michael is in a position where he believes he can help and guide young candidates. He is currently managing a group of 25 engineers, has conducted over 200 technical interviews, and is from DTU himself. For Michael, the primary reason for joining is to grow his network and pay back some of the knowledge he has earned over the 20 years in the industry. His secondary reason is to make candidates aware of what they do at Microsoft, and make them consider a career with them.