Mikkel Mohr Poulsen

Position: Vice President at YouSee
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Master of Business Administration (eMBA)
University of Southern Denmark (SDU) - Managerial Economics, HD. 2
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - Managerial Economics, HD. 1
Niels Brock - Merkonom

Mikkel has 15+ years of experience within leadership & executive management, business development and transformation with a starting point in customer’s needs and wishes in both tech and textile companies. In these roles, he has particularly worked with the responsibility for customer relation management, department management and now leading the sales at YouSee, one of the largest providers of television, internet, and phone subscription plans. Throughout his career, Mikkel is able to document solid results within develop and operations of production, distribution, service, and sales. All with full budget responsibility. Mikkel describes himself as a leader close to his employees, which is why his workdays include being near production, customer service or sales people, something that is always an integrated part of his leadership form. He believes this is one of the most important reasons for his success.


Mikkel wants to become a mentor because he feels that he is in the stage in his life where he has the experience and energy surplus to help out a student. Specifically, students making their way into their professional careers, as well as teams in the student environment looking for sparring when it comes to commercializing products and solutions.