Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj

Position: Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Aarhus Universitet (AU) - HD Economics / Organizational studies

Mikkel is building cloud services at Microsoft and has been with Microsoft for 9 years. He is part of an amazing team of engineers and program managers continuously improving Microsoft Azure and cloud tech in general. He has experience in large international organizations, having worked both locally in Denmark, lived and worked in Seattle, USA and now remotely from Denmark with teams across the globe.


Mikkel want to offer his help to any student in finding a great path to her goals. His own journey has been somewhat unorthodox, but he has gotten to the place in his career where he has certain proof of what works and doesn’t in terms of achieving your goals. Mikkel would like to get the opportunity to share these. Any mentee looking for a mentor, who he can help achieve the ambition of getting to an influential position, being leadership or not, would be a great fit.