Mikkel Øberg

Position: Health Physicist at Danish Decommissioning
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Medicine and Technology

Mikkel has 8+ years of experience in health and science. He is now working as a health physicist, encompassing the areas of radiological safety and dose optimisation. Next to this, he is also teaching through various initiatives, such as: “Videnskaben på Besøg”, “Bestil en Forsker” and IAEA technical courses where he presents about ionising radiation and safety. He is also part of the on-site nuclear emergency management for health physicists on 24 hour call, as well as the National Nuclear Emergency Management.


Fortunately, Mikkel gets to teach, train, and educate as part of his work, but he misses the more direct and personal sparring and discussions that arise when helping a single student. Mikkel works in a small field in a Danish context, decommissioning, and radioactive waste management, and as such he has to joggle many different positions at once. For this specific reason, he believes he can provide insight into problem-solving and engineering work from a broader, more personal perspective.