Mohammad Mohadjer

Position: Project Manager at KeyCore P/S
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) - M.Sc., IT, Software Construction
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - B.Sc., Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mohammad has 10+ years of experience as a project manager with broad experience in product development and customer projects. Currently, he is hired as a project manager at KeyCore, managing customer projects integrating AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions for customers. Mohammad has worked with the introduction and execution of agile software development, startup and execution of customer projects, customer interaction & support, and optimizing the quality control of project models. His goal is to grow even more within project management and people management – and Mohammad describes himself as a dedicated and hardworking team player/leader, used to working on multiple tasks in parallel with tight deadlines and in stressful environments.


Mohammad has previously been a DTU Alumni mentor for foreign students finalizing their Master’s Degree at DTU, and who needed help to integrate into the Danish work culture and society. It was just as motivating and educational for him as for the mentee, and that adds value for both parties.
That is the reason Mohammad wants to become a mentor, in addition, to be able to help others in any way and grow his professional network.