Mueed Ahmad

Position: Project Manager at FL Smidth at FL Smidth
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Electrical Engineer

Mueed has 10+ years of experience in communication systems and project management, while having the technical system understanding, and he’s used to managing different project phases as technical, design, test, implementation, operational and financial, while keeping the client in focus. Mueed used to work with simultaneous project deliveries and deadlines and has a sense of urgency when it is needed.


Having the right skills and experience for guiding young talents to taking the correct steps in their career journey, is something Mueed believes he can be part of. Through his work life, he has worked as a specialist and now as a generalist (Project Manager), and this gives him an inside understanding of situations from different perspectives. Guiding teams to right direction and understanding the issue (technical / contractual) is his daily work and sharing this for the new science generation will better prepared them for focusing on the career direction. By having success and failure, he can help to guide the new generation to fulfilling their steps in the correct direction. Mueed prefers helping a mentee with ambitions of going from a specialist to a generalist on the long term.