Ole Magnussen

Position: Engineer at Fors A/S
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Energy Management and System Technology

Ole is an experienced engineer educated in machine direction and with special designation in energy. He is a former system developer in mainframe encoding and has specialist experience and project management experience with IT production systems, primarily used in the supply industry. Energy planner and specialist in various IT simulation models for hydraulic analyzes and dimensioning of pipelines for supply.

Ole’s personal strengths are his positive attitude, his good written and oral communication skills, his ability to listen, and his bright mood. He believes in discipline, cooperation, professional ability, commitment, responsibility, that he can learn something new every day and that knowledge is something a mentor/mentee pair will share.


Ole would like to share his experience with upcoming colleagues. It is about informing how he works with system management, project management and detailed programming – but it is also about communication what it means to be in constant development, personally and professionally,  and this raising one’s “market value”.