Ollie Kryva

Position: Engineering Manager at Microsoft
National Technical University of Ukraine - B.Sc.

Ollie has 10+ years of experience within different industries: video surveillance, banking and now at Microsoft. Overall she has 6 years of hands-on software engineering experience and 4 years of team lead/engineering manager fun. Ollie is Ukrainian, but her career started in a Danish company as a Software Engineer intern. There, she worked for 6 years on improving their video surveillance solution. After that, Ollie moved to Stockholm where she became an Engineering Manager in a banking company. She later moved back to Copenhagen, continuing in her current role as an engineering manager.


As a female in the IT industry, as a female within leadership, she would like to take a chance and encourage young talented people from minorities to pursue their passion no matter what, because it is not that there is space for them, but there is a big NEED for them.